Manila Bay’s Waters Turn Blue Amid Lockdown, Netizens Amazed

Everyone is used to seeing the waters of Manila Bay as black and brackish, no thanks to decades of pollution to the area. But as Metro Manila and the rest of Luzon are placed under enhanced community quarantine, the waters of Manila Bay were seen to be turquoise blue!

The beautiful sight has gone viral, with several videos and photos of the clear blue waters making a lot of netizens feel amazed.

Netizen John Angue shared a lovely photo of the blue waters taken from a building near the bay.

Photo credit: John Angue / Facebook

Parang ang linis ng Manila Bay ngayon ano? Boracay level!” Angue shared on his Facebook account.

This led a number of his friends to wish that the place would retain that beautiful look so they won’t have to go to Boracay anymore because they can simply take photos with Boracay-like Manila Bay.

A lot of people were skeptical, saying that he surely applied filters to the picture to make the waters look blue.

Legit yan haha! Nakakagulat yung linis ano?” Angue defended.

Photos by Jenny Francisco / Facebook

But Angue wasn’t the only who was able to take photos of the blue waters off the Manila Bay. Netizen Jenny Francisco also shared some pictures, including a video to prove that the viral photos of the blue Manila Bay are for real.

Here’s a video taken from the bay. The blue waters do look so beautiful, right?

Posted by Jenny Francisco on Wednesday, 25 March 2020

A lot of netizens were amazed that the bay would look this beautiful. It is no wonder that the photos quickly went viral. Though it would definitely still take decades before the bay would actually be free from pollutants, it is wonderful that the place looks so beautiful now that the enhanced community quarantine is in place.

Here’s another lovely video:

Earth is healing!!

Posted by Jory Gacho on Tuesday, 24 March 2020

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