Meet Debra, the trickster lovebird

When you hear about pet’s trickster, what comes first into your mind, dogs or cats right?

This is because if we talk about trained-pets/trickster, those two are the most natural. The reason, they the common pets of almost every household and are easier to train.

Not all tricksters are dogs and cats

Though becoming natural today, having a trickster animal aside from dogs and cats, is still a wonder to us. And this is just what this African lovebird is making us feel in watching her do her tricks.

Meet Debra the trickster bird

Debra instantly becomes the internet sensation as she ‘Wows’ viewer on her tricks. It the video, her owner tells her to do something and the smart bird follows him immediately. She even turns many times as her owner tells her to do so. Even jumps, roll, and play in the ring. A very smart bird, you would wonder how the guy trained the birds as it is very smart.

Lovebird as a pet

As small as they are, lovebirds give happiness to their owner multiple their size. They are known to be extremely loving toward their owner and family. And love to snuggles in her owner’s shoulder.

However, they are also known for being aggressive out of jealousy. These type of birds don’t like their owner to show compassion toward others.

Lovebirds can’t survive alone, can they?

When we picture out lovebirds, what comes up to mind immediately are to birds sitting next to each other. It is a tradition for us to think that a lovebird can’t survive without her partner. But the truth is, they can. In fact, lovebird who survives alone tend to be closer to her owner. For a reason that they will have more time in bonding together.

Both owner and bird receives lots of love from the Netizens

Because of her awesome tricks, Debra becomes an internet sensation in no time. In fact, her video had reached 7.3k likes/love, 1.2k comments, and 7,722 shares in just within one week.

Source Photo / Rolly Onnagan Bituin


Posted by Rolly Onnagan Bituin on Tuesday, 5 February 2019

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