Stunning Bride Moira Dela Torre Sends a Powerful Message To Her Online Basher And All Bodyshamers

Filipina singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre showed that love defies all, including a troll who seemed to believe that marriage is based on a person’s good looks.

If you have never received a rude comment about having chubby cheeks, flabby arms or enormous thighs, you are dang lucky because most women have to endure these nasty remarks on a daily basis. Now, what if a complete stranger dares to insult your facial features by saying that tying your hair up would disappoint your groom?

Beautiful bride Moira tied the knot with singer Jason Marvin Hernandez last January 14, 2019. A few days before her wedding, she posted a photo on her Instagram account expressing how excited she was.

A netizen callously wrote a comment, advising Moira to not put her hair in a ponytail as the shape of her face would disappoint her groom-to-be and eventually put him off. Moira’s admirable response expressed that she will not block the internet troll so she shows that netizen how wrong she is about Moira’s future husband getting turned off. She proceeded to wish for her online basher to experience what she is experiencing at the moment, the type of love that is true and not dependent on the superficial.

Moira Dela Torre

It is not the first time Moira experienced body-shaming.

During a year-end celebration in Marikina City last December 29, a man from the audience went on to shout offensive comments about her weight and appearance. The charming singer later on tweeted a message saying “To the rude kuya shouting ‘ang taba mo, laki mo Moira. Panget, taba,’ while I was performing last night. I was so tempted to look at you and give you a piece of my mind. But I didn’t want anyone feeling how you made me feel. Even you,” she added.

Truly, one’s beauty does not merely depend on her facial features or her weight but the virtues that her heart holds despite difficult and spiteful situations.

Photo Courtesy Pinoy-Pop Coolture

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