Monkeys Adorably Jump In Shock As Garbage Bag Move As They Approach

Monkeys are incredible animals. A lot of their reactions and actions are pretty much the same as human’s. So the same way as we are fond of taking videos of how babies react to things, these monkeys are also equally cute.

Cute video

In a viral video posted by Facebook page Untold Stories, curious little monkeys were put to a test as a big garbage bag containing something that seems to be moving is placed in front of them.

The bag would move everytime the monkeys move to close to it. The monkeys adorably jump up in shock as they move away from it. But curiosity will always get them and they would proceed to go near the bag.

The thought that there could be another animal inside the bag and is trapped can be the reason why they want to open the bag and see what’s inside. But the way they jump and get shocked is way too adorable to pass up.

The reveal

In the end, it was revealed that a remote controlled 4-wheel drive truck is inside the bag. That explained how it keeps on moving when the monkeys are getting to close.

Even when the car is out of the bag, one monkey would appear to be so curious that it wanted to hold the truck but is too scared to hold it. Especially when it goes near it.

Natural behavior

Monkeys are naturally inquisitive and intelligent creatures. That explains why they would approach a suspicious object nearly the same way as a human would. If it moves then you get curious, but you will also be vigilant and be on your toes as you approach it. Pretty much the same as how these monkeys approached the moving object inside a plastic garbage bag.

Netizens in the comments love how adorable and funny the monkeys’ reactions are. See for yourself:

Posted by Untold Stories on Thursday, 5 September 2019

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