Mother Gave Birth To A Bundle of Joy Inside A Bus, A Stroke of Luck For The Operator

Every child is a blessing and so is giving birth to any transport vehicles, even on planes. Pregnant women are supposedly staying at home. Take fewer chances of travelling when their due is near, but there are instances that we can’t just expect things to happen and end up pleasantly surprised.

A New Breath of Life

In a video post of a Facebook page, All About The Philippines. A bus can be seen at a stop and suddenly a nurse hurriedly came out while bringing a bundle of joy.

According to the video owner, they were waiting for their cheer dance practice in front of St Anne Medical Center when a bus suddenly stopped in front of the hospital.

The first thing they expected to see are casualties but were amazed when a nurse came down the bus with a newborn, confirming that someone just popped and gave birth.

mom gave birth inside a bus


People around the area who personally witnessed the event cheered and applaud celebrating for the new life that just started.

mom gave birth inside a bus 2

In another video, some hospital staff brought a stretcher in front of the ordinary bus exit and fetched the mother.

mom gave birth inside a bus fetched

The people helped each other to make the mother feel at ease while being transferred inside the hospital.

A Stroke of Luck

Netizens are amazed. More likely happy for the Ceres bus operator as it means luck for the business which people have always believed.

But then, despite grateful and happiness felt by many towards the event. Some netizens noticed how the nurse carried the baby from the bus all the way to the hospital. For some, the nurse is said to have the improper handling of the newborn and not properly trained.

mom gave birth inside a bus comment 1

mom gave birth inside a bus comment 2

mom gave birth inside a bus comment 3

mom gave birth inside a bus comment 4

mom gave birth inside a bus comment 5

However, some believe that whatever how the nurse carry the newborn, the important thing is that both the baby and the mother are already safe and in good hands.

Source: Facebook

Posted by All about the Philippines on Sunday, September 2, 2018

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