Motorcycle on Display at House’s Third Level Puzzles Netizens

We’ve seen some rather impressive things that people do to protect their prized possessions or put them on display, but have you ever seen someone display their beautiful motorcycle at the top of their house?

Yep! We’re as puzzled as you are over the photos that went viral on Facebook. But it made us question if the photo might have been edited or not.

After, for those who are great at Photoshop and other photoediting tools, placing a motorcycle (or anything for that matter) on some photo is not really a big deal.

But if it’s for real, then this house owner is really something else, huh?

Impressive House, Impressive Motorcycle

The house itself is modern, with a contemporary design. The ledge or balcony at the third look is just about a third of the height of a regular floor, so it’s possible that it was really designed to display that motorcycle on that spot!

Of course, we aren’t laughing at the placement of that motorcycle on display. It’s there for a reason. Whether it was put there because the owner really loved the bike or for some sentimental reason, we don’t really know.

But we’re impressed at how they were able to even fit that big thing up there!

Big Mystery

Did someone just ride that bike all the way to that third floor spot? Highly unlikely, huh? By the way it’s positioned and the narrowness of the ledge, that would have been impossible anyway.

So, who can solve this mystery?

Our theory is that it was lifted there by a boom crane or something while the house was still under construction.

As for the “why” it was put there, well, your guess is as good as ours. What do you think?

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