Owner Of 22 Cats Transforms Own House Into A Kitty Dream House

Cats are known to have nine lives in a lifetime. This expression comes from their display of flexibility, strength, and the ability to survive from jumping high heights and being able to live alone in the streets.

But their nature should not hinder any of us from taking care of them. There are thousands of homeless stray cats from where we live in. Are we just gonna stare and pass by them every single day?

This man did not.

This man saved 22 cats and provided them a pretty awesome shelter so that they would never have to leave.

His love for these furry animals provoked him to turn his old house into a living dreamland for his 22 cats and indeed, his new place is a dream even for cat lovers!

Peter Cohen, the cat owner from Santa Barbara in California decided that it was time for him to level up his love for cats. It all started when both of his pets got into a car accident. One of them died while the other one underwent surgery.

Since then, the cat remained indoors to avoid further accidents in the future. But then Peter thought that the cat would be lonely being all alone by himself so he went to the local shelter to adopt a few more.

But before that, he went on to fix his house first.

To make it cat-friendly, he added secret passages just for them to enter and also installed catwalks in the walls where the cats are free to roam around.

Here, Peter passionately talks about his pet cats and why he adopted all 22 of them.

These furry babies are all so lucky to be living here. Even humans would dream of having such a beautiful house!

This cat sure knows how to make us envious! He loves his catwalk and we do, too!

Each cat is well taken care of and it shows. They have litters everywhere, proper ventilation, a fish pond, and a home.

Watch the video here:

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