Passenger Thanks Grab Driver For Not Being ‘Maarte’ To Her Pets

Having pets is not easy. It is a big responsibility and takes a lot of courage and patience. One can’t really understand the sentiments of a pet owner if they’re not a pet owner themselves.

Greed and selfishness

With greed and selfishness being the focus by almost everyone, it is hard for pet owners to ask help and compassion from strangers.

We must admit that it is very hard nowadays to find someone (if not pet owner) who truly cares for animals. In fact, animal abuse especially, dogs is so rampant that different groups are built to save them.

Not all people are bad

One grab diver proves to us that not all people are uncaring towards animals.

Rhea De Jesus posted in Dog Lovers Philippines groups, thanking the grab driver who did not act ‘maarte’ to her pet dog.

According to Rhea, she contacted a grab driver because there’s an emergency to her pet and needs to be sent to the Vet immediately.

dog grab car

Not ‘maarte’

Much to Rhea’s surprise, the grab driver didn’t act ‘maarte’ and readily help her. The grab driver even refuses to turn off the aircon (to minimize the pet’s smell) and offers Rhea to find the nearest vet.

dog grab car 2

Rhea could not contain her happiness and thank the driver sincerely.

“Thank you po kua Grab driver!Di ka nagdalawang isip na isakay yong alaga ko na for emergency!sabi ko patayin nalng aircon pero sabi mo ok lang gusto mo mam humanap tyo ng malapit na vet! Salute kua!sna dumami pa katulad mo na di maarte sa mga pets!” Rhea posted.

Grateful netizens

Many netizens are touched with the grab driver’s kind act. Some of them related to Rhea’s story and wish that all driver’s may as kind as the grab driver.

The grab driver is known as Raymond Villalobos. Driving a NAF9496-Mitsubishi Mirage G4 grab car.

grab driver

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