Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

There is no human being that prefers to live in a place that is very chaotic and dangerous for them. One of the factors that people live in certain places is that because such a place is very peaceful and it induces peace of mind and safety which is indeed a need for everyone.

So today we will feature 10 most peaceful countries according to their Global Peace Index this 2019.

So what are these countries that they consider as peaceful, here are the top 10 most peaceful countries this 2020!

Do take note that the Global Peace Index involves a lot of factors to consider including the number of internal, external conflicts, deaths per conflict, etc. So the value of these scores may vary on what happened to a certain country. The Global Peace Index is produced by the Institute of Economics and Peace (IEP).

10. Switzerland – GPI = 1.375

Switzerland Most Peaceful Countries

This country is iconic for its neutrality stance back in World War II and known for the high elevation and a different kind of political system. Switzerland stands at the 10th place of the Most Peaceful Country. With a population of only 8.3 million citizens and has various languages such as French, German, Italian, and their traditionally spoken language Rumantsch, it is a wonder how the Swiss keep the peace while having various cultures in their country. Not only that but the country is also reported as the happiest country back in 2015 in the World Happiness Report, so it bolsters the reasoning as to why Switzerland is one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

Their political system is a federal republic consisting of 26 cantons or better known as member states. Each of these cantons has a different constitution, courts, and legislation making each area have a different stance on a certain law if others have another opinion regarding it.

The country also boasts great scenery and nature that it is no wonder why people are peaceful because of their environment. It may only be 10th but Switzerland is undoubtedly a peaceful country.

9. Japan – GPI = 1.369

Japan Most Peaceful Countries

The Land of the Rising Sun, after Japan’s fall in World War II, rose to prominence once more that it has developed into a first world country that has a lot of innovation and one of the world’s leaders in technology. The development of their technology can be one of the reasons why they are high up as one of the peaceful countries.

Japan has a rich history and they have maintained their culture prominent even in the present. They celebrate festivals according to it and they still maintained their shrines with respect to their Shinto culture. Despite having a tough time immigrating to the country. Japan can open its doors to those who will qualify to be one of their citizens.

Not to mention that the Japanese people have a strict discipline and a workaholic bunch, it is no wonder why crime is not really that rampant in the country. The little known fact also is that the Yakuza groups also have been reported to enforce peace in the country. Their members don’t do robbery, rape and other crimes and those who violate it can lead to punishment. Street crime is also stopped by the Yakuza if it’s in their territory.

With a rich culture and a developed country like Japan, being peaceful is one of their mission in order to maintain order and harmony in their country.

8. Slovenia – GPI = 1.355

Slovenia top 8 most peaceful countries

The first former Yugoslav republic that joined the European Union. Slovenia stands at the 8th peaceful countries in the world and their history can shed a light as to why they are in that position. It was then in 1991, when both Slovenia and Croatia declared their independence against the communist regime of Yugoslavia, while some may say that it still turned into bloodshed, their independence still was a swift one that resulted in their freedom, whilst joining the European Union.

Even back then in the past five years, Slovenia has been in the top 15 of the Global Peace Index. The lowest was back in 2014 with the 14th rank, while this year has been their highest. They are vocal with their political and economic issues to the government as they made mass protests back in 2011-2013 to handle the corruption within the country and it seemed to have paid off with their place in the GPI.

Slovenia is located near the Adriatic Sea and borders countries such as Croatia, Italy and Austria, with their population only 2 million, the number seems to be one of the underlying reasons why it has been peaceful.

7. Singapore – GPI = 1.347

Singapore top 7 most peaceful countries

The only southeast Asian nation on the list, Singapore has a history that came from a trading post for the British East Indian Company until a newly industrialized country led by Lee Kuan Yew. While the country was ruled in an authoritarian government, Singapore prospered. When Lee Kuan Yew resigned as the Prime Minister of Singapore, the new Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong, introduced a more liberal stance and the economy has been stable and their country is known for their huge technological leap and Asia’s IT Hub.

Being a hub for technology in South East Asia, you can expect that a lot of nationalities live there and work in their respective fields, despite the huge diversity that is found in the land, the country is prosperous and peaceful. The natives have no problem living with overseas workers and migrants because their government issues strict laws that all of them should follow. One particular example is that you might have a hard time in eating a chewing gum in the country as it might be frowned upon and even banned, due to other people just putting it in an edge or the street might cause litter and cleanliness is one of the main things that Singaporeans want.

Singapore is a peaceful country for migrating and even tourism and it has beautiful areas to go to, so if you feel like you need to go to an advanced country in Asia, Singapore is a go-to place.

6. Canada – GPI = 1.327

Canada 6 top most peaceful countries

This country has Hockey as their favorite sport, has a maple leaf in their country and has been stereotyped to be apologetic to anyone that they have done wrong, if that does not convince you that Canada is a peaceful country then I don’t know what will. Canada has been consistently in the Top 10 of the Global Peace Index. They rose a place higher in 5th back in 2014 but 2013, 2015-2019 has been a constant 6th place.

The country has a staunch liberal ethos where they always accept refugees and immigrants whenever possible. They believe that Canada is a place for everyone and they open their doors to all who need refuge and a new start. Right now they have different ways in order to enter the country. One can apply for a scoring system where they base your score on your merits that if you pass you can enter the country, and a lot more.

With beautiful scenery, an amazing economy and a welcoming bunch of people, Canada deserves the spot of being 5th as the most peaceful country in the world.

5. Denmark – GPI = 1.316

Denmark top 5 most peaceful countries

The first Nordic country in our list, Denmark has a big huge reputation in their backs as they were one of the prominent countries in the old times with Vikings and ruling over Scandinavia back in 13th Century. Denmark was in second place back in 2013-2016 in the Global Peace Index but has lowered a bit with 4th back in 2018 and 5th in 2017 and 2019.

One of the prominent times where Denmark proved that they are peace-loving kind of people is when they were lauded as the country that smuggled Jews to escape before Hitler and Nazi Germany has caught them in the Danish hands. In 1944, Norway declared independence and 1948 Faroe Islands has been given their own ruling as well.

Denmark may have proven a point in which high literacy comes with a higher chance of being knowledgeable and peace-loving people, as their literacy rate is 99% and their people are well-educated about different aspects of life. Together with their diverse ethnicities, culture, and religion it is amazing how Denmark maintains peace alongside different races in their country.

4. Austria – GPI = 1.291          

austria top 4 most peaceful countries

A very old country with a rich history. Austria is famous for castles, medieval buildings and a lot of culture buzzing about the area. With their empire standing in the test of time and their country is still alive at this era, despite a lot of conflicts back in the old times, Austria remains one of the most peaceful countries in the world. With consistent grades of being the fourth place, with 2018 making them the third placer, there’s a lot of discussion about Austria.

Austria has a parliament representative democracy and is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, which makes them have a high standard of living, the 24th highest rated by the Human Development Index. Having a high standard of living may cause people to be content in their area and thus having a peaceful area.

Together with Austria’s free education in the primary level, stable and prosperous education and welfare and health care, it is without a doubt why Austria is breaking almost the top 3 spots.

3. Portugal – GPI = 1.274

Portugal top 3 most peaceful countries

One of the colonial powerhouse and now rising to claim the third most peaceful country in the world. Portugal s once in the lower 20 of the list of the Global Peace Index back in 2013. But come 2016 they made an astonishing change that put their spot to the fifth place and finally today as the third most peaceful country in the world.

Portugal has a lot to boast with their culture, lifestyle, and attitude that they imprinted to tourists and their migrants. Not only the natives are friendly and peaceful but they also love to hang out and enjoy the nature of that their country has to offer.

They also are proud of their lowering of unemployment and crime to 8% in the end of 2017 so if that is the statistic that we would like to gauge in this list then it is no doubt why Portugal is one of the most peaceful countries among all.

2. New Zealand – GPI = 1.221

New Zealand top 2 most peaceful countries

This county has been in the top 3 since 2013 and it has reached the second place since 2017. There’s a whole lot of reasons why New Zealand has been in a top together with our first country in our list.

New Zealand is found beside Australia and is very isolated. The country was only found by Polynesian sailors in 1200s and established a foothold in the area.

Once they have settled in the lands, they have become known as the Maori. Because of location, it has avoided war and conflict among the other countries. Since they are rarely at war, the politicians rarely have a conservative stance to protect their lands and the natives’ rights. Because of this, they are hospitable and welcoming to the visitors of their country.

Despite being colonized by the English settlers the Maori have a better life other than the rest of indigenous races across the world. The government has protected the rights of the Maori and even today they have significant roles in different parts of life. Some practice politics, sports, and normal jobs but they get the same treatment as the locals in the area.

They also support education, healthcare and their economy is very stable. With these together plus how the country manages their indigenous people, there’s no doubt why New Zealand is second on the list.

1. Iceland – GPI = 1.072

Iceland top most peaceful countries

The country that has been proclaimed as the most peaceful country in more than 7 years according to the Global Peace Index and some of you might be wondering how did they achieve such feat? Well, there are a lot of factors to consider in Iceland’s reasons why it is the most peaceful country in the world.

First of all, we must consider their government. They have a parliamentary system known as the Althing. Althing is a system where an elected official is the common people. With the common people elected and making sure that the country remains as tranquil as they want to be, it is guaranteed that their country would remain peaceful as it is today.

Alongside that reason, Iceland is very small for its size and with the size being small, comes also the population size of the country, with less than a million living in the country, such small country can manage their population and cities in order to preserve peace and order.

Another difference that this country has is that their lack of diversity. Icelanders are homogenous and only 4-6% of the country’s population are non-Icelanders so their culture has been maintained for a thousand years and no internal conflicts easily rise due to that reason.

Finally, they also have great healthcare, education and living standards. Since they have a great supply of energy with geothermal providing them power, one of the necessities of the people which is energy is easily provided by the country. Their wealth is also shared among the people fairly well without injustice and unfairness. With that reason, there is no wonder why they maintained the peace in their country.


With the countries stated above, what can we see in similarity in the majority of them that makes their countries tranquil and has less conflict than the other countries?

First, we can see that they have developed their country as one of the most prominent in the world, gaining them wealth and making them afford social services and the basic needs of their people such as education, healthcare, welfare services and a whole lot more. Their culture is also maintained by its people. They are very amiable to other people. While countries such as Iceland and Japan may have some lack of diversity amongst others, countries such as Canada and New Zealand embrace it within their country. It is the people’s attitude that is the final verdict if the country will peaceful or not.

There is no other way to disprove that if the needs of an individual are met in your country, peace and order will follow and will lead to a developing country. It will create a positive effect that will make sure that the country will prosper and be peaceful as long as it is maintained. As the global politics of the world keep changing, it is up to these countries to maintain their position and prove to the world that their country is peaceful and will uphold the culture and the attitude of their locals as friendly, amiable and open.

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