Pinay OFW cries as she met Pope Francis, receives a Rosary from him and a gift from her boss

As we all know, Pope Francis had just visited the UAE one week ago. It was a historic visit as this was the first-ever papal visit in the history of the Arabian Peninsula, the birthplace of Islam.

Many people both Muslims and Catholic were excited about it. And one lucky Pinay met the pontiff in person.

Working as a personal assistant to a dignitary in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sally Chan Mallari had the chance to meet the pontiff in person. One of the perks of her job is meeting and knowing exactly where big personality stayed during their visit to the UAE, and Pope Francis whereabout is no exception.

Having this opportunity, Sally spares no time in meeting the pontiff up close. She and her colleagues waited at one of the exits at St. Regis Abu Dhabi (where the pontiff stayed), to meet Pope Francis.

And their waiting didn’t go in vain as Pope Francis arrived and stopped to meet them.

Overcomes with emotion

As the Pontiff drew near, Sally ran to him, hold and kisses his hand as he consoles her. Overcomes with emotion, Sally could not help but cry. In the video she shared, she could be heard saying, “Thank you. Thank you.” to the pontiff.

Receives a rosary as a gift

It was not shown in the video, but Sally was given a rosary by Pope Francis as a gift. In her Facebook timeline, she posted a picture of it. And later on, shared what she and Pope Francis talked about during their brief meeting.

“..I was talking with Pope.. would you like to know what I have told him?

“Father, please bless this nation, please bless the UAE for bringing you to us..”

Pope Francis: “Bless you child.. Bless you.”

UAE deserved to be blessed! I am grateful for making all these possible by the UAE government. On behalf, not just the Filipino community, but all the faithfuls, we will forever be grateful for this once in a lifetime, a truly historic experience! MABUHAY United Arab Emirates!!”

She was also given a gift by her boss.





Source photo / Sally Chan Mallari

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