LOOK: Pinoy hit the jackpot with his Lithuanian girlfriend

They say love conquers all and that it is blind. When the heart says its piece, there is no one else or nothing else that can come between two people who are in love. Once a person falls in love, it conquers distance, race, and everything else.

Long Distance

The story of a Filipino, Eugene and his Lithuanian girlfriend Vikachka is a perfect example. It started in 2017 when Eugene sent a harmless “hi” on messenger to Vikachka.

From there, they started chatting more often, until they have finally leveled up to having video chats every day. That eventually blossomed into love and relationship.

First meet

In October 21, the couple decided to meet for the first time. They both saved for Vikchka’s ticket to go here. They created a YouTube video to show people how they met. They documented everything that happened during their first meet and the majority of people is happy for them.


Naturally, there are bashers that were saying stuff like the guy was only doing this for money. But Vikachka didn’t let the bashers down. She answered their bashers and said that she was sure that Eugene was not after the money, because in reality, Eugene was the one who saved up for the ticket.

Added to that, she only came to the Philippines with 300 dollars in her pocket. When she arrived in the country, her suitcase even broke, and Eugene bought her a new one. She went back to her country with her 300 dollars still intact and her luggage heavier with the pasalubongs that Eugene’s family made her bring.

Viral again

Just this week, the couple went viral again when Facebook page Pinoy Viral video posted photos of them when Vikachka went here for a visit. The caption said that the guy just went hiking and went down with a lovelife.







But the real story is on their YouTube channel. Watch the video here:

Source photo / Pinoy Viral Video 2. Video / Youtube Vikachka and Eugene

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