12 Powerful Christian Images Draw Up A Million Emotions

They say a picture paints a thousand words. This is true in the sense that one single photo can be powerful enough to send a bunch of emotions to the person seeing it.

However, some artists do not stop there. Some artists have the amazing skills to make a picture have a million (or more) words.

Powerful editing

The following Christian photos are perfect examples of that. Christian Digital Artwork is a page where hundreds of images with Christian themes created by Carden’s Design Photography are posted.

The images are created by using digital photography, photoshop, and other software programs.

CDA already worked with many churches, ministries, schools, businesses, authors, musicians, webmasters, and just ordinary Christians who want to display our work.

Sometimes, they would include raw photos and create a collage-like tutorial on how they have achieved a powerful outcome.

Parents’ sacrifice

Some of the photos in this articles perfectly depict what parents are willing to sacrifice just so they can raise their children properly.

These arrows, shark bites, etc. are just a portion of all the hardships and sacrifices that a parent does for his or her child.

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