This Real-Life “Iron Man” Suit Can Actually Fly

So many people wish that the heroes on Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) can be for real or, at the very least, have gadgets or suits that ordinary people can use. Of course, some might be easier to copy, such as Hawkeye’s bow and arrows, but the Iron Man suit is something that many really wish to produce.

Creating the Iron Man suit in reality is a dream come true for former Mythbusters’ host Adam Savage as he worked with several teams of experts to reproduce the Mark II armor. Made with custom-printed titanium plates and pieces, with lots of movable parts, the Iron Man suit they created looks really impressive.

Now hosting his own show, Savage Builds, Adam claims that if Tony Stark was a real person, he would have created the suit with this exact technology. Titanium was used to ensure that the suit is as light yet as strong as possible. What’s really impressive is that it is even bulletproof!

Adam was also given permission by the franchise to recreate the suit – in fact, they even gave him the blueprints to the design so he could create the suit as an exact replica of the suits used in the movie. Amazing.

Because the suit isn’t powered by an arc reactor like that used by Stark, Adam had to seek help from Richard Browning, founder of Gravity Industries, for the technology that would make the suit fly.

Keen on being the one to try on the suit’s flying capabilities, Adam tried to train with Gravity Industries but later conceded that though the experience was one of the most amazing he’s ever had in his life, doing so in the Iron Man suit wasn’t something he could do. So, it was Richard who donned the suit and flew like Iron Man.

Check out this video:

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