1975 & 2019 Photo of Similar Road Accident With ‘Same Guy’ Makes Netizens Joke Time Traveler Exist

The reporter slammed the road attitude of Filipino drivers – and that’s back in 1975 when there were fewer cars!

Fast forward to 2019, more cars are plying the roads, expansions created wider roads, and people are supposed to have learned from the lessons of the past.

2019 similar road accident

Yet a photo shows a similar road accident, with three buses, stuck side by side at a road, much like what happened in that photo in 1975!

A lot of netizens are commenting that Filipinos really have no discipline on the road. Decades had passed between these two photos, yet the same thing still happens.

But netizens did have a good laugh over the photos after seeing the likeness of ‘the same’ guy standing in front of the buses, assessing the situation. This guy even posed in the same way, wore a white shirt, and dark-colored pants. Is that a time traveler?

Photo credit: Enirdla Gniuqas‎ / Memories of Old Manila – Facebook

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