People seen standing in front of Quiapo Church (Practicing Social distancing)

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, there has been a huge debate on whether churches should be allowed to open. After all, this coronavirus is highly contagious and a number of so-called ‘super spreaders’ had actually infected so many others while doing church activities, based on contact tracing done by local officials.

Moreover, many argue that social distancing could not be imposed in church, what with space limitations. Most churches are simply not designed to accommodate a lot of worshipers who would be doing social distancing, right?

But photos shared by Baby Aquino showed that social distancing is actually still possible in churches. However, the worshipers have to follow the rules imposed by the church to still do social distancing even with space limitations.

It takes a lot of creativity and ingenuity in the part of the churches but this could actually work!

Sa mga nagsasabing imposible ang social distancing sa simbahan, look! If there’s a will, there’s a way…@ Quiapo Church,” wrote Baby Aquino.

In the photos, dozens of people could be seen standing in front of Quiapo Church, all practicing social distancing. Everyone was also wearing a mask and followed the rules.

Captured from different angles, the photos clearly showed that these worshipers were truly following the social distancing rules. While there were no markings on the ground to indicate where the worshipers should step on, these people were still able to do it, anyway.

The photos earned praise from netizens, with many agreeing that social distancing is, indeed, possible in church! Many commented that proper communication is needed to make this work but if all the people will just listen, then churches may be allowed to open soon.

As can be seen in the pictures, the gates to the Quiapo Church remained closed at the time these people were lining up outside. But many hope they can worship inside the church again, soon…

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