“Odd-One-Out” Who Spent 15 Years Before Finally Finishing College Shares Tips For Struggling Peeps

For some, getting a college degree is their one shot to success and life. This is why almost everyone is determined to finish their college education on time and with high grades. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fulfill your life goals if you miss a year in college, or even if you spend 15 years finishing it – one graduate proves that.

Being different

In a lengthy post, Au Flores shared how she knew she was different even when she was still young. She used to speak her mind about a thing but her classmates shunned her off. That was the reason why she started keeping her thoughts to herself just to fit in.

She started drinking at 15, doing drugs at 16. She started playing billiards instead of going to school.

College shock

And then, according to her, UP happened. She became surrounded by valedictorians, salutatorians, members of the debate team, editors-in-chief of their school paper, people who passed projects on time. One look at them, she knew that even there, she was the odd-one-out.

The overwhelming state in her college life made her regret her life. She became an angry kid, her vices were her escape. Until she became pregnant.


For eight years, she tried to push away the thought of ever graduating. She would work and take care of her kid. But 2 years ago, she started to try again. There she was, the odd one out again, a 30+ woman studying with her classmates that are half her age, being taught by professors 10 years younger.

And then she explained what happened along the way. Acceptance, she said. She started accepting what is and what she has, and let go of the angst that she used to have.

She also left tips for those who are currently struggling. Read the whole post here:

*I realized this is a lengthy post (yeah, because sabaw) so before reading this, play Mary J. Blige's "Doubt" and drink…

Posted by Au Flores on Saturday, 21 September 2019

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