Strong Flashflood Eats Up The Ground Leaving People In Desolation

Landslides, flash floods, and other calamities alike are simply causing the absence of trees. Catastrophic and disasters are said as nature’s wrath. We often experience such events due to strong typhoons, however, it can be prevented if trees are being taken care of as they hold and soil and absorbs the water from the strong rains.

Somewhere in Asia, a video where people are actually witnessing a landslide in their area went viral. Surprisingly, they are brave enough to stand beside the continuous strong waves of water that is currently swallowing their land whole. It can be seen that the grounds slowly crack and give in to the flood, causing danger to the lives in the area.

The netizens comments of prayers that may Allah help every soul in the place and that indeed nature’s wrath is hard to come by. Netizens are slightly amused how people bear the situation and even stand aside from the almost falling pave ways right their very eyes, fully putting themselves in danger.

The environment should be taken care of so that in return, Mother Earth will take care of us in times of need. Let this video be a lesson and an eye-opener to everyone to give importance to our environment. A simple gesture of putting your trash in the correct place and separating the biodegradable and the non-biodegradable is already a big help.

The people are intensely watching as the land disrupts.

The strong gush of water slowly swallows the portion of the land.

The water eats up the place, softening the soil that holds up the land. It made the people cram for their lives and run away from it.

A woman cries in grief as the landslide and flash floods left them devastated.

A woman in orange can be seen standing in the middle of cracked ground but seems does not mind.

People are starting to evacuate and bring their important belongings to save themselves and their family members.

Watch the video below:

Kok pada gak takut yah ?

Saat Alam Murka! Kok pada gak takut yah ?

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