Student Cries after Receiving Rocks Instead of Laptop from Online Store

A student was left in tears after receiving rocks instead of the laptop he ordered from an online store. What’s worse is that his parents are fisherfolks who worked hard to save the money he needed for the laptop so he could attend online school.

The son of fisherfolks, Arthur Baylon studies Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management in Iloilo City. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, students at their school are supposed to attend online classes. This means that they have to make use of laptops or smartphones.

Because a laptop would be the most useful choice for a college student, Arthur’s parents decided to get him one. The young man found a good one from a popular online store – and was even able to get a discount from the seller and the online platform. The shipping fees were also discounted.

It actually seemed like an excellent deal. Instead of paying a total of Php23,699, Arthur only had to shell out Php22,499 after all the discounts.

Considering that this online store is among the pioneers in the local industry and a trusted name, Arthur was confident that he would get his order without any problems. But he was shocked after opening the package, only to find rocks inside instead of the laptop he ordered.

Had it been a prank, this would have been funny because the rocks were carefully protected by the foam inside the laptop box – and there is still a mouse pad inside the package. But the mouse pad is the only thing that is related to a laptop inside that package! Tsk. Tsk.

The poor student cried his heart out as he looked at the rocks, thinking about the sacrifices his parents had to make just to buy him the gadget he needed for online school.

Angry, he demanded that the seller refund the order since he didn’t receive the item. Thankfully, the seller refunded the money but Arthur is determined to get to the bottom of this incident. He already reported the matter to the local authorities so they can help investigate the matter.

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