TNT Boys Wowed The World With Their First On Stage Performance On The World’s Best

There are no questions about it that Filipinos have world-class talents. In every talent show that is started, one or more Filipinos would make a name for themselves because of their talent. Not to mention the countless amazing talented people behind the international movies we know.

The World’s Best

The World’s Best is a talent show that is first-of-its-kind. Every act that is imaginable is expected to compete in the show. Hosted by James Corden, and judged by Drew Barrymore, RuPaul Charles, and Faith Hill, it is not what one might expect from a talent show. Contestants are invited, they don’t just audition.

What is interesting about the show is that not only are the contestants expected to impress the judges, but they should break into the “wall” of 50 experts in every genre available.


TNT Boys who consists of Kiefer Sanchez, Mackie Empuerto and Francis Concepcion got invited and they did not disappoint. Singing “My Own” on the stage, it was obvious how they have made everyone drop their jaws. Reactions of judges and the experts are evident that they were shocked at how good these boys are.

Source: World Best

Pops Fernandez, the Concert Queen of the Philippines even had the Philippine flag that she swayed after the performance showing her pride.


The incredibly jaw-dropping performance from the TNT Boys didn’t fail to get even BBC’s attention. On Tuesday, BBC posted a video of the boys with the caption: “TNT Boys: The teen tribute act captivating the Philippines.”

BBC even added: “The TNT Boys’ blend of tribute act, drag performance and incredible vocal skill have made them one of the Philippines biggest bands,”

The video from BB included footages from the boys’ first major concert and some backstage scenes.

Watch the main performance here.

Source / World Best CBS

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