Traffic enforcer who guided a violator instead of issuing a ticket draws applause

We have become so used to hearing saddening news every night that when we come across a story that gives out good vibes, we can’t help but feel happy for having our faith in humanity restored.

Good Samaritan enforcer

Facebook page Pinoy Viral Video posted a heartwarming story from Happy Cornerfashion where she wrote about what a nice traffic enforcer named L.O. Quiano did for her.

According to her, they were on the way to a clinic to bring the kid that they were with when a traffic enforcer hailed them and asked them to stop. They were clueless as to what they violated and she said she even asked the enforcer why she was being hailed to a stop.


The enforcer said “Ma’am coding po kayo” which the original poster said she totally forget. Instead of reasoning and getting angry, she just apologized and said that she forgot about the color coding because they had to bring the child they were with to the clinic.

The enforcer then asked for her license which she gave. To her amazement, the enforcer didn’t issue a ticket. She was told to put on her hazard lights and that he will personally accompany them to the clinic so that the other enforcers in other areas won’t hail them.

Genuine care

With her post, she posted two photos, one of the enforcer and another of the clinic. The post was meant to thank the Pasig enforcer L.O. Quiano not only for being nice enough not to issue a ticket but for also making sure they reach the clinic safely and are able to bring the kid to the clinic.

traffic enforcer

People in the comments sections are applauding the enforcer and saying we need more people like him. We need people who love their jobs and who choose kindness over force.


Wow! pasikatin natin si Manong Enforcer!!Sana lahat ng traffic enforcer kagaya mo kuya, kasi nakalimutan namin na…

Posted by Pinoy Viral Video on Thursday, 31 January 2019

Source: Pinoy Viral Video

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