Transwoman Fighting for Equality Has Her Skeletons Exposed

The issue of LGBTQ+’s equality and rights is a hot topic nowadays in the Philippines. It has always been there, but the issue was sparked alive by an incident that Gretchen Diez a member of the said community underwent after attempting to go the comfort room in a mall in Quezon City.


In an incident that soon grew viral to the point of reaching the Senate, Diez was said to be falling in line in the ladies bathroom despite being a trans. This made two women worry so they told the janitress who then alerted Diez. She was guided to the handicapped CR but it was occupied. It all escalated from there.

What’s she fighting for?

Diez reached the Senate attempting to speak for their community. However, several accounts of people who knew her back in the days are claiming that she is a hypocrite for fighting for rights after what she did before.

A post circulating social media now is saying that Diez, who was a previous Convergys agent made a scene before when she molested a male officemate while in the sleeping quarters of the said BPO company. Several people who attested to the said incident also sent messages to the page to vouch for the story.

It was said that she hid in the male’s restroom after the incident which alerted the whole floor in the fear of getting beaten by the man whom she molested.

Questions about her molestation of minor boys were also put to light, along with the questionable double meaning posts that she used to post on her wall.

What about their rights?

Questions asking about the rights of those Diez molested are raised. Why would the government waste resources for someone who used to deprive someone else’s rights allegedly?

What is your stand in this issue? Are you pro or anti-SOGIE bill?

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Posted by Liad Icolastico on Monday, 26 August 2019

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