Kids Scavenging Trash Bin Taste Ice Cream Outside Shop Breaks Hearts

A lot of us do take conveniences and treats for granted, such as buying a gallon of ice cream to enjoy at home. But it is a sad reality that there are also people who don’t even know the taste of ice cream or haven’t tried eating a clean serving they bought from the store.

Recently, a video posted on Spotlight Humanity went viral as it shows a group of kids scavenging a trash bin outside a shop for a taste of ice cream from the plastic cups thrown by customers! The heartbreaking video shows the kids, most likely streetkids who ‘live’ near the store, as they happily went through the trash bin.

The pictures outside the shop shows the delicious treats they are selling – and these kids certainly wish they could taste some of those mouthwatering goodies. But because they are too poor for that and had no money to buy a fresh cup, they simply had to wait for the discarded cups from the customers who visited the shop.

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