Viral Video: Dog Adorably Smooches Owner When Told He Will Be Replaced

Having pets around can give an explicable joy to a person. Especially when the pet loves you back, there is no better feeling in the world for pet lovers. They say that dogs are the only animals that can love a person unconditionally, enough to even risk their lives for their master when it comes to that.

Loving dog

It is said that dogs can understand humans. A video that went viral is proof of this. In a video that was posted by Ritchie Fabella Carreon, a guy is lying down on a bed with his aspin dog. The guy is teasing the dog saying that he is going to buy a new dog, a dog who looks better than his dog, a dog from another country.

The dog, obviously understanding what his master was saying, did his best to show his affection to his master so he won’t be replaced.

Kisses of affection

As the owner of the dog shoos away the dog jokingly saying that he” get a new dog that is better, the dog squirms closer to the owner giving him affectionate kisses. All the while the dog was moaning and kissing the owners to get his affectionate.

The video was very heartwarming. It is not every day that you see a video that depicts what true love is. True love is real, it may just not be from where you are looking to find it. Look for it in the least likely places, like your pets, for example?

The love that your pets can give you is something that nobody can take away from you. Bond and build a connection to further deepen the love and to somehow reciprocate the undying love that dogs show to their families.

Mag hananap ako ung echetchayt na aso hahahahahah

Posted by RItche Fabella Carreon on Thursday, 3 January 2019

Source: Facebook | RItche Fabella Carreon

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