Vlogger Tries to Eat Live Octopus, Ends Up in Tears after It Attaches to Her Face

These days, there are plenty of ways to earn money online – and that often involves doing something outrageous, like trying to eat a live octopus while live-streaming the moment for your fans and potential subscribers to see.

But one Chinese vlogger learned the hard way not to mess with live sea creatures after she was left in tears when the live octopus that she tried to eat on Livestream China actually attaches to her face! Ouch.

Now, this woman who goes by the Chinese handle that means ‘seaside girl Little Seven’ decided to start a new challenge on social media, in hopes that it would go viral. The “Eat-A-Live-Octopus Challenge” involves, well, eating a live octopus while filming yourself doing it live of course.

It’s easy to edit videos to ‘show’ her eating a live octopus, of course, but doing it live means she can’t cheat.

So, the woman began the live video on Livestream China. And while she’s still a newbie vlogger, she would soon amass millions of views on her video when things didn’t go as planned. She wanted to go viral for the video, of course, but she actually ended up going viral for all the wrong reasons.

As the woman started eating the live octopus, it was soon apparent that it was a really bad idea. Aside from the octopus probably not tasting so good when alive, the sea creature would soon attach its tentacles on her face – and those many suction cups must hurt really, really, bad!

The woman could be heard screaming in pain as she tried to remove the creature from her face. Many think she was actually quite lucky that she managed to remove it before it tried to enter her nose and throat because that could actually cause her to suffocate. Major ouch!

Watch the video: Vlogger Tries to Eat Live Octopus

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