Waiter Gives An Act Of Kindness, Gets An Unexpected Reward In Return

An unsuspecting generous Burger King waiter, Matthew got a huge surprise when a customer witnessed him drop a random act of kindness to another customer in need.

Proud Mom moment

The story was posted by Matthew’s mom, Michelle Resendez. According to her, one evening while her son was working, a homeless gentleman walked inside the restaurant and asked Matthew if there was anything in the menu that he could buy with 0.50 cents.

Matthew then asked him what he would order if he could and the man’s answer touched his heart.

“Anything that would help these hunger pains!”

So Matthew punched a hearty meal for the man and used his own debit card. He then handed the receipt to the man and told him to relax and take his seat.

This could have ended there, and would still be an overall proud mom moment, right?

The kindness continues

Apparently, while this was going on, a woman who was also a customer of the restaurant saw the whole thing.

She was touched with what Matthew did that she wrote the company to let them know about the caring employee they have.

Not only that, she also handed Matthew a very generous tip, a hundred-dollar tip!

Pay it forward

A random act of kindness is done without expecting anything in return. Often times, just the smiles of the people’s face, when they help them, is enough for the generous giver.

But nothing gives more smiles than these kinds of stories, where we know that the generous waiter got what he deserved.

The story was shared by Facebook page Hope Rise, and the comments are filled with people congratulating the mom for raising such a kind-heart son that is not afraid to help people in need.

He deserves the $100 tip, don’t you think?

Indeed, the world needs more of him.

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