Woman Receives Letter and USB Cord Instead of TV She Ordered

A woman receives a letter and USB cord instead of the TV she ordered from an online shop! The letter apologizes for the situation, telling her to simply process the refund. However, the customer had a difficult time seeking a refund for the purchase from the online shop…

Even before the COVID-19 crisis wherein people had to stay at home as much as possible, many were already ordering lots of stuff online. Even big-ticket items like TVs, laptops, and even houses and cars may be easily bought online.

But beware when buying something that you have to pay for outright because you might encounter a bogus seller who will just run away with your money.

That’s what happened to netizen Lou M. Jose who ordered a 32-inch flat-screen TV from a popular online store, only to receive a USB cord and letter in the mail.

She explained that never thought she will be duped on this particular online store, particularly because it is famous and popular in the Philippines. She did not mind paying for the TV using her debit card because the shop does not allow cash on delivery (COD), a popular payment option that protects buyers from bogus sellers.

It turned out that she had put her faith in the wrong shop as she was sent the USB with a note that explains how the TV she ordered was already “out of stock”. She was told to process the refund, but when she tried doing it, she claims that there is no action from the online store.

Because of the bad experience, she warns others to be more careful with online transactions because even those sellers in popular online stores could still scam customers. She also urges the online store to be more careful in reviewing the shops they allow to sell on the platform so this won’t happen again.

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