Woman Rescues Husband’s ‘Gundam’ Collection During Flood

During floods and other catastrophes, what do you save first? Well, the answer is simple of course: your life and those of the people around you! Pets are also important.

But when the situation still allows you to save stuff from the house, most people would go back for their important documents and stuff they needed for work. Food would be the next priority as well as medicines and other essential items.

Just make sure, of course, that it is safe for you to go back inside the house and that you have a safe path out. A number of people perished after trying to save other people, pets, or even things in their house but things took a turn for worse.

That’s why one husband in Yudong in Chongqing, China, feels eternally grateful to her wife for saving his beloved “Gundam” collection as they were trying to escape from the floods affecting their home.

Asked why the husband did not save the collection himself when they were so precious to him, a bystander narrated that the couple had not thought their house would be deeply affected by the flood. Also, he didn’t know how to swim.

According to the water level warning line issued by the community, they thought it would not flood the second floor, but the water level rose. He can’t swim. His wife swims across the Yangtze River and assessed that the risk of stagnant water is not high and she has a life jacket, so she decided to save Gundam,” the person explained.

Riding a rubber dingy and assisted by rescuers, the woman finally made it to safety – and the Gundam collection, too!

I will never let you down in this life,” the husband declared as she gets out of the rubber boat.

But the move did not please many netizens who think that the couple had taken much of the rescuers’ precious time over material possessions! Still, with the Gundam figures being quite expensive, perhaps they thought they needed to save the items just in case they needed something to sell if there house falls into ruin after the flood…

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